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Other HPS Websites

Health Protection Scotland develops and maintains a number of other websites:

Health Protection Scotland also has a number of archive websites. These were developed for specific reasons, but are no longer being updated:

fit for travel

fit for travel provides unrestricted access to the latest recommended travel health advice, including a country by country breakdown and specific information for different groups of travellers, such as backpackers, young children and elderly travellers, as well as those with medical conditions, such as diabetes.

The fit for travel website is a scaled down companion to Travax®, the definitive travel health site for health care professionals. Access to Travax® is restricted to registered users.

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C (HCV) is treatable but it can be hard to spot and the nature of those at risk is changing.

This website gives the latest evidence-based guidance on the prevention, detection, management and treatment of HCV for healthcare professionals and patients.

Scottish Health Protection Information Resource (SHPIR) (restricted access)

The Scottish Health Protection Information Resource (SHPIR) is produced and maintained by Health Protection Scotland in partnership with local NHS Boards. SHPIR was developed as a tool to assist those on call with out-of-hours incidents or outbreaks.

At present, SHPIR is not a publicly available resource and is only available within the NHS to Health Protection staff, although this may change in the future.

TRAVAX (restricted access)

TRAVAX® is an interactive online website providing up to the minute travel health information for health care professionals. TRAVAX® is maintained and continually updated by the Travel Health Division of Health Protection Scotland (HPS). It is provided as a NHS resource for health care professionals who advise patients about avoiding illness when travelling abroad.

For publicly available information, please see the companion website fitfortravel.

Wash Your Hands Of Them

Scotland's National Hand Hygiene Campaign was launched in January 2007 and is being delivered by Health Protection Scotland on behalf of the Scottish Government Health Directorate. This campaign is the first of its kind in the UK and its core aim is to improve hand hygiene and reduce avoidable illness.

Archive: Environmental monitoring and impact: foot and mouth outbreak in Scotland

Following the foot and mouth outbreak in 2001 this website this website was to provide a single route to the information on the various monitoring programmes being carried out in Scotland on the environment and public health.

Archive: HepBwise

This website was created to provide additional information as part of a Scottish Centre for Infection and Environmental Health (SCIEH) project that was offering Hepatitis B vaccination to all S1 pupils in the Greater Glasgow Health Board area during the academic year 2001/2002. This was a special one-off programme to see whether vaccine uptake was high enough to consider offering it on a routine basis in the future.

Archive: IDU Outbreak

This website was created to provide information on the Clostridium novyi outbreak among injecting drug users in 2000.