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We plan and deliver effective and specialist national services which co-ordinate, strengthen and support activities aimed at protecting all the people of Scotland from infectious and environmental hazards.

We do this by providing advice, support and information to health professionals, national and local government, the general public and a number of other bodies that play a part in protecting health.

Health Protection Scotland will seek to achieve its aim by:

  • Ensuring a consistent, efficient and effective approach in the delivery of health protection services by NHS related agencies;
  • Co-ordinating the efforts of public health agencies in Scotland in health protection, especially when a rapid response is required to a major threat;
  • Helping to increase the public understanding of, and attitudes to, public health hazards and facilitating their level of involvement in the measures needed to protect them from these;
  • Being the source in Scotland of expert advice and support to government, NHS, other organisations and the public on health protection issues;
  • Helping to develop a competent health protection workforce;
  • Improving the knowledge base for health protection through research and development.