Environmental Public Health


Environmental Public Health


National Clean Air Day 2017

Health Protection Scotland are pleased to be supporting the UK’s first ever National Clean Air Day 2017

Whether indoor or outdoor, the air that we breathe has a continual impact on our health. Given the large percentage of time that people spend within buildings, the indoor environment is a very significant environmental exposure for the entire population. Much attention has traditionally focussed on the occupational environment, but exposures to environmental agents within the home, schools, colleges and recreational buildings may also determine human health outcomes. The importance attached to external air quality as a determinant of health is illustrated by public concerns and by policy statements and actions of government. Accordingly, the issue is an important one for HPS and its partners in local authorities and NHS boards. HPS draws advantage from its membership in many important bodies such as the National Society for Clean Air and its relationship with key players such as Environment and Public Health departments and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA).

Air Quality and Mortality