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Environmental Public Health

Food Safety

Legislation on food is directed from Europe and there are EC Directives dealing with both general and specific areas. In the UK the principal enabling legislation is the Food Safety Act 1990 and from this Act there are regulations dealing with hygiene, compositional standards, labelling, temperature control, specific foods, etc. Food legislation in Scotland is primarily enforced through local councils and is delegated to Directors/ Heads of Environmental Public Health to manage local service delivery arrangements.

The Scottish Food Enforcement Liaison Committee (SFELC) co-ordinates the food law enforcement and sampling/surveillance activities of Scottish local councils. SFELC draws its membership from a wide variety of interested agencies including HPS. SFELC membership also includes, Public Analysts and Microbiologists, representation from The Food Standards Agency Scotland, Convention of Scottish Local Authorities, LACORS, Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland, Chief Environmental Public Health Officers and The Scottish Consumer Council.

As part of its surveillance role SFELC produces, periodically, reports of food surveys, which consider specific aspects of food production and consumption.