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Environmental Public Health

Pollution Prevention Control

The Pollution Prevention and Control (PPC) Regulations 2012 SSI 2012/360 are an implementation of the European Union (EU) directive 2010/75/EU on Industrial Emissions (IED). PPC Regulations provide an integrated environmental approach in regulating specified industrial activities.

As part of the application process, SEPA are required to seek comments from various consultees. These statutory consultees (Health and Safety Executive (HSE), relevant NHS board, relevant Local Authority, Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), Food Standards Agency (FSA), Scottish Water, Harbor Authorities) are asked to review the application from their own particular perspective and comment on implications for their particular remit (e.g. the local health board would comment on potential impacts to human health).

HPS has produced guidance (PPC Guide for NHS Boards), the overall aim of which is to assist NHS Boards, acting as statutory consultees, in identifying relevant information to enable them to provide comments relating to potential public health hazards and risks that the industrial process in question may pose.

These comments are then fed back to SEPA and should form part of the deliberation process SEPA performs to determine whether an application is granted or rejected.

The full PPC Guide for NHS Boards below includes a checklist form that allows the collation of all the relevant information that may be required in producing comments back to SEPA.

Hard copies of the Guide are being sent to each NHS Board and also to Local Authorities for information. An html version of this guide is in preparation. For further information on the Guide, contact Dr Colin Ramsay. If you have problems downloading any of the pdf files please contact Johanna Reilly.