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02 May 2012

AGNIR review on mobile phone technologies

A new report by the Health Protection Agency's independent Advisory Group on Non-ionising Radiation (AGNIR) has concluded that there is still no convincing evidence that mobile phone technologies cause adverse effects on human health.

Health effects from radio frequency electromagnetic fields (available at http://www.hpa.org.uk/webw/HPAweb&HPAwebStandard/HPAweb_C/1317133826368),  considers the scientific evidence on exposure to radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic fields, which are produced by mobile phone technologies and other wireless devices, such as Wi-Fi, as well as television and radio transmitters.

The report, which updates AGNIR's previous review in 2003, finds that although a substantial amount of research has been conducted, there is no convincing evidence that RF field exposure below internationally agreed guideline levels (which are applied in the UK) causes health effects in adults or children.

As this is a relatively new technology, the Health Protection Agency (HPA) continues to advise a precautionary approach and will keep the science under close review. The HPA recommends that excessive use of mobile phones by children should be discouraged and mobile phone Specific Energy Absorption Rates (SAR) values should be clearly marked in the phone sales literature. [Source: HPA Press Release, 26 April 2012. http://www.hpa.org.uk/NewsCentre/NationalPressReleases/2012PressReleases/120426Mobilephones/]

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