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Gastrointestinal & Zoonoses


08 Apr 1997

Report on the circumstances leading to the 1996 outbreak of infection with Escherichia coli O157 in Central Scotland, the implications for food safety and the lessons to be learned. (The Pennington Report)

As part of the Government response to what appeared to be emerging as a serious outbreak of infection with E.coli O157 in Central Scotland, the Secretary of State for Scotland announced in Parliament on 28 November 1996 the establishment of an Expert Group, under the Chairmanship of Professor Hugh Pennington, with a remit "to examine the circumstances which led to the outbreak in the central belt of Scotland and to advise [him] on the implications for food safety and the general lessons to be learned". They were asked to examine the present knowledge of E.coli taking into account scientific research in this area, and the adequacy of present arrangements for, and guidance on, handling food poisoning outbreaks.

Author(s): Pennington, T.H. (chairman), Publisher(s): The Stationary Office Year: 1997