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01 Jan 2004

Managing norovirus outbreaks in healthcare settings: aide memoire.

This document has been superseded by Norovirus Outbreak Daily Checklist to ensure Norovirus Control Measures are in place.

This document has been developed as part of a research project into the management of outbreaks of norovirus in healthcare settings and is intended to prompt actions that maybe advisable in a norovirus outbreak.

  1. Use one booklet for each ward, department, care area or patient group when an outbreak of norovirus is suspected;
  2. The booklet should ideally be completed daily by the Infection Control Nurse responsible for the area;
  3. The information maybe taken from the Seven Day Summary Chart (supplied with this booklet), from an Outbreak Record Form (ORF) and from collecting the additional relevant information;
    The Seven Day Summary Chart may be used by the ward/area staff as an additional aid if this is helpful;
  4. The total refers to the accumulative number of cases since start of outbreak;
  5. If an outbreak extends longer than 28 days, as is the capacity of this booklet, start a new booklet, changing the days 1-28 to days 29-57;
  6. At the end of the outbreak please ensure that the booklet is complete;
  7. On completion of this booklet at the end of the outbreak please return the evaluation questionnaire on the final page to the address at the foot of the page. Evaluations will be considered confidential and acted upon where relevant.
Publisher(s): Scottish Centre for Infection