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HPS Guidelines

Compendium of Organisational Outputs (Immunocompromised Individuals and specific disease) 21 Nov 2016

This compendium contains a list of organisational outputs in relation to Vaccination of Immunocompromised Individuals and specific diseases including, guidance, tools, education resources, literature reviews and research by specialist organisations and any additional documents that are applicable for use in NHSScotland for example, Department of Health and specialist advisory bodies.

This compendium aims to provide NHSScotland staff with an overview of all materials available relating to immunisation of persons with underlying medical conditions and specific diseases.

The compendium is indexed by document type and organisation setting.

The compendium will be updated when new materials are available.

If you are aware of any additional materials for inclusion in the compendium please notify the Scottish Immunisation Programme via NSS.HPSImmunisation@nhs.net

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Last Updated : 10/05/2017