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National Hand Hygiene Campaign

The Scottish Government informed NHS Boards on 9th August 2013 that the current National Hand Hygiene Campaign will conclude on 25 September 2013 with the publication of the 27th bi-monthly hand hygiene report.

The zero tolerance approach to non-compliance with hand hygiene and monitoring and reporting arrangements will continue, but monitoring arrangements will change. From 1st October 2013 individual NHS Boards will be responsible for monitoring, quality assurance and reporting of local hand hygiene compliance data, with the latter being reported via the local Healthcare Associated Infection Reporting Templates (HAIRTs) to SGHSCD.

The information on the hand hygiene campaign has been archived but is available to view on the Wash your hands of them campaign website.

Go to Scotland's National Hand Hygiene Campaign website

National Hand Hygiene NHS Campaign Compliance with Hand Hygiene - Audit Report

The final hand hygiene bi-monthly audit report is the Twenty Seventh

Also available on this page are the last three bi-monthly reports:

Twenty sixth | Twenty fifth | Twenty fourth

All other bi-monthly and quarterly reports are available from hand hygiene audit report archive.

A summary graph of all the results from hand hygiene audit reports since 2007 (14 KB Adobe PDF Icon) is also available.

Bi-Monthly Reports

Twenty Seventh Bi-monthly Audit Report

Download the 27th Bi-monthly Audit Report (356 KB Adobe PDF Icon)
Download the 27th Bi-monthly Audit Results (14 KB Adobe PDF Icon)

Please note that this 26th Hand Hygiene Compliance Report is the penultimate one to be published by HPS, with the final Report due for publication as scheduled on 25 September 2013.  The Scottish Government HAI Policy Unit will be contacting NHS Boards during week commencing 05 August 2013 to confirm future hand hygiene data collection and reporting plans.

Further information regarding the report can be found in the document Compliance with Hand Hygiene - Audit Report Your Questions Answered.

An audit tool and supporting protocol developed by HPS are used by all NHS boards to facilitate a standardised approach to compliance monitoring across Scotland.

Twenty Sixth Bi-monthly Audit Report

Twenty Fifth Bi-monthly Audit Report

Twenty Fourth Bi-monthly Audit Report