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MRSA Screening Programme

Programme Vision

The vision of the programme is to make changes to hospital meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) screening practices to enable the control and management of MRSA in the hospital sector to minimise or prevent healthcare associated MRSA infections. This will reduce the negative impact on patients and additional burden on healthcare resources.

HPS have published a suite of reports which contain the results of several studies into MRSA screening within NHSScotland.

Based on the findings of these reports the Scottish Government have announced new minimum standards for MRSA screening within Scottish hospitals. Details of this announcement can be found on the Scottish Government website.

This revised MRSA screening practice is being implemented throughout NHS Boards in Scotland during 2011/2012, with delivery due to be completed by end March 2012.

Further information broken down by target audience is a follows:

For the Public

This page includes an overview of the MRSA programme and patient information materials (leaflets, poster and film).

For Health Professionals

This page includes further information for the health professional, an implementation protocol, and details of the revised policy.

Pathfinder Implementation Study

View the full suite of MRSA Screening Pathfinder Programme Reports, including the results, reseach studies on MRSA in hospitals, information gathered since the completion of the Pathfinder Implementation Study, as well as the recommendation from the Programme Board for future policy.