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Central Vascular Catheter (CVC) Insertion Checklist - Standard Operating Procedure 10 Mar 2008



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Central Vascular Catheters (CVC) are a leading cause of device-related blood stream infections. The risk increases however with duration of line use, the more CVC manipulations required and the greater the number of infusions.

Organisms can enter at any manipulation point, ie hub/connection or insertion site. Organisms gaining entry are frequently skin organisms from the HCW or the patient. Poor drug preparation can result in infusate contamination - causing a direct BSI. Organisms from a distal site of infection can travel via the blood and affect the CVC.

This is the CVC Insertion Checklist - Standard Operating Procedure. For further information and resources, please see the CVC Maintenance Care Bundle page.

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Last Updated : 31/08/2017