Scottish Surveillance of Healthcare Associated Infection Programme (SSHAIP)



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Surgical Site Infection Supplementary Report - Report for sharing best practice. For procedures carried out from 1 April 2002 - 30 June 2006 11 Jan 2008

Surgical site infection (SSI), also referred to as infection of the surgical wound, are one of the most common healthcare associated infections (HAI), resulting in an average additional hospital stay of 6.5 days and cost of treatment of £3246 per patient. The consequences for the patient include longer time in hospital, pain and suffering. SSI is therefore an important outcome measure for surgical procedures.

The Scottish Surveillance of HAI programme (SSHAIP) within Health Protection Scotland (HPS) runs a surgical site infection surveillance programme that is mandatory in all NHS Boards in Scotland.

This is the first SSI supplementary report from this programme of surveillance that highlights NHS Boards that have been identified as having significant reductions in inpatient SSI rates by category of surgery since commencing SSI surveillance.

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Last Updated : 24/06/2016