Scottish Surveillance of Healthcare Associated Infection Programme (SSHAIP)



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Surveillance of catheter associated urinary tract infections. Annual Report. 01 Jun 2005

In a response to the Health Department Letter- "Reducing the Risk of Healthcare Associated Infection: HDL(2002)82", the HAI Task Force in Scotland recognised the problem of healthcare associated UTI and proposed urinary catheterisation and Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI) as a priority area for the development of a Best Practice Statement (BPS) for Urinary Catheterisation and Catheter Care and an infection surveillance programme in Scotland. Quality Improvement Scotland (QIS) established a working group to develop a best practice statement on catheterisation and the SSHAIP team under the guidance of the HAI Steering Group and also the CAUTI working group developed the protocol for surveillance of CAUTI throughout Scotland.).

The aims of the CAUTI surveillance programme:

  • To develop a data collection tool and CAUTI surveillance methodology.
  • To test the feasibility of the surveillance methodology and the data collection tool.
  • To implement CAUTI surveillance in acute and Primary Care divisions in Scotland.
  • To collect, analyse, report and feedback CAUTI surveillance data on urinary catheter use and CAUTI throughout Scotland.
  • Health Protection Scotland
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