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Scottish UTI Network (SUTIN)

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) are the most common type of infection seen in acute and care settings in Scotland.

Across Scotland, many UTI reduction resources have been developed to lessen these infections, both by national organisations as well as at local level.

What is the Scottish UTI Network (SUTIN)?

SUTINThe purpose of SUTIN is to co-ordinate the sharing of these resources. The Network also promotes the development of a community from within NHS and social care settings that are intent on seeing the reduction of UTIs across Scotland.

What are the aims of the SUTIN?

SUTIN has members from national organisations, continence and infection prevention specialists, educators, social care providers, researchers, and members of the public.

SUTIN aims to link practitioners working at all levels to enable shared learning and a cohesive approach to UTI work within Scotland. In addition, the Network seeks to co-ordinate guidance, quality improvement tools, surveillance, education, training and research.

National Urinary Catheter Passport (NCP)

In June 2016, funding for a National Urinary Catheter Passport (NCP) was successfully received from the Scottish Government.  The purpose of this document is to provide seamless care for people with urinary catheters as they move through the various pathways of health and social care, but more importantly as a means of encouraging self-management of their device in a way which will reduce the risk of complications such as CAUTI. 

A short-life working group comprising a number of Health and Social Care stakeholders including a Consultant Urologist, continence advisors, Infection prevention and control nurses, Care Inspectorate and Scottish Care was formed.  Based on work which has already been undertaken within NHS Lothian, NHS Borders and NHS Forth Valley, a draft NCP was established and tested by patients, carers and healthcare staff within 12 pilot sites across Scotland.  Positive feedback from this pilot were collated and the document was launched at the end of April 2017.

SUTIN Publications

SUTIN Resources

Information on SUTIN is available here on the Health Protection Scotland website and at The Knowledge HUB external website