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Evidence of Zika Transmission by Country

Previous update: 25 May 2017
This update: 8 August 2017

The WHO announced on 10 March 2017 an updated classification of countries at risk of Zika virus to reflect the evolving epidemiology of the virus. This included countries where the principal vector Aedes aegypti is present, but are not yet known to have Zika virus circulating.

Public Health England (PHE), have recently used this updated WHO Classification to adapt their existing High, Moderate and Low risk categories for Zika virus transmission. The Travel and International Health Team (T&IH) at Health Protection Scotland (HPS) have assessed the PHE rationale for changes to Zika virus guidance and have agreed to adopt a similar approach to country risk ratings and associated travel advisories for pregnant women in the Scottish context.

Rather than HPS maintaining a separate country risk table, we will use the Zika country A-Z risk rating table produced and managed by PHE found here.

All associated Zika travel health advice including details on outbreaks in specific countries will continue to be monitored by the T&IH team and updated regularly via the HPS travel websites:

TRAVAX (for health professionals)

Fitfortravel (for the general public)