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01 Aug 2008 Yellow Fever in Brazil

Since the beginning of 2008 45 confirmed cases of yellow fever, including 25 deaths have been reported in Brazil. The majority of cases reported are from areas that have previously been identified as risk areas for yellow fever.

The Brazilian Ministry of Health have however, identified two additional areas with risk of yellow fever: the northern part of Espirito Santo and Western Catarina.

Although the map identifies current yellow fever risk areas this is an evolving situation, and cases may occur out with current risk areas.

The Brazilian Ministry of Health states that travellers to identified risk areas should receive yellow fever vaccination at least 10 days prior to entering infected areas. Advice on bite avoidance must be emphasised i.e. use of appropriate insect repellents and wearing appropriate clothing. Prompt medical attention should be sought for any fever or flu like illness experienced during and after travel.