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13 Jan 2012 Annual Yellow Fever Vaccine Utilisation Returns 2011

Health Protection Scotland (HPS) would like to request that all designated Yellow Fever Vaccination Centres (YFVC) now submit their annual, yellow fever vaccine utilisation figures for 2011.

Returns can be submitted electronically or they can be mailed or faxed to HPS. A PDF of the vaccine returns form for the period 1Jan to 31 Dec 2011 can be downloaded from the HPS Website.

A summary of yellow fever vaccinations given in Scotland - 2010 can be viewed on the HPS website.

YFVCs have agreed to abide by the "Conditions of Registration for Designation" (Appendix 1a of the information pack). In order to ensure safe, high quality healthcare for patients and users of the YFVC, HPS requires assessment and audit of the YFVC’s.

The Assessment and Audit process has as its purpose the provision of sufficient information by the designated YFVC to enable HPS to have confidence in the competency of the centre to remain a designated centre. Oversight of this process is within the remit of the Clinical Governance Committee of HPS and issues will be directed via this route.