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07 Apr 2014 National Infection Prevention and Control Manual – Transmission Based Precautions

Transmission Based Precautions (TBPs) chapter has now been published in the 'National Infection Prevention and Control Manual'. TBP are the additional precautions that should be used along with Standard Infection Control Precautions (SICPs) when an infectious agent is suspected or known.

The manual was first published on the HPS Website in January 2012 and launched with Chapter 1 on SICPs. The manual aims to promote consistency of infection prevention and control practice across Scotland and is a practice guide intended for use by frontline healthcare staff supported when necessary by specialist infection prevention and control/health protection teams.

The latest version of the manual now also includes a list of infectious agents/diseases and optimal patient placement/use of Respiratory Protective Equipment in Appendix 14.

The manual is mandatory for the NHS under the auspice of and updated on 17 May 2012: principles and practices within the national manual are also considered as good practice for other care settings such as care homes or care at home where they are moving towards health and social care integration.