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Guidance Documents

One of the core functions of Health Protection Scotland is to facilitate an effective response to outbreaks and incidents, especially those which are likely to severely test the NHS and other public services.

In conjunction with their internal knowledge base and expertise, Health Protection Scotland utilizes information and guidance produced by a wide range of organisations to do this. Until the development of SHPIR, HPS and other NHS board health protection staff have relied on locally-held hard-copy resources, but this has proven inadequate. Physically storing and updating these type of resources was cumbersome and inefficient, and with each organisation managing their resources separately, there was a potential lack of consistency and duplication of effort between Health Protection Scotland and NHS boards.

HPS, in agreement with NHS boards, identified a need to develop a repository which could be maintained and updated centrally, could be accessed by the users in an electronic format, and could be searchable and browsable.

SHPIR was developed to meet this need.

The Scottish Health Protection Information Resource (SHPIR)

The content of the Scottish Health Protection Information Resource (SHPIR) has been derived from the resources that on-call staff have been using at HPS and within the NHS boards, and is considered to be core information on communicable disease and environmental hazards. These documents include official guidance, protocols, guidelines, Scottish Executive Health Department and Department of Health memoranda, selected peer reviewed papers and other carefully chosen material relevant to the listed topics.

The purpose of SHPIR is not to be an information bank on health protection topics, but more a resource which gives the most up to date and relevant guidance which can be used in an outbreak or incident situation.

Further Information

At present, SHPIR is not a publicly available resource and is only available within the NHS to Health Protection staff. To request access, please contact NSS.HPSWebmanager@nhs.net