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12 September 2017

Consultation on protecting homes against fire and smoke

A Scottish Government consultation to ensure all homes are fully protected against fire and smoke opened on Friday, 8 September.

There are currently different requirements for fire and smoke alarms for different types of housing. This consultation will look at whether the same standard should be applied across all housing - whether it is new-build, privately or socially rented or owner-occupied.

The consultation will also seek views on what types of alarms should be installed, where they should be located, how often they should be replaced, and how any improved standard might be implemented to encourage compliance.

Following the fire at Grenfell Tower in London, a Ministerial Working Group on Building and Fire Safety was established to review Scotland’s building and fire safety regulatory frameworks. As part of this work, the Group agreed that consultation on fire and smoke alarm standards, which had originally been planned for later this year, should be prioritised.

The consultation which closes on 1 December 2017 can be accessed at https://consult.scotland.gov.uk/housing-regeneration-and-welfare/fire-and-smoke-alarms-in-scottish-homes/.

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