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Surveillance of catheter associated urinary tract infections. Pilot study evaluation report. 01 Jun 2004

In response to the Health Department Letter- “Reducing the Risk of Healthcare Associated Infection: HDL(2002)82”, the HAI Task Force in Scotland have proposed urinary catheterisation and Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI) as a priority area for the development of a Best Practice Statement (BPS) and an infection surveillance programme in Scotland. The Best Practice Statement was prepared by NHS Quality Improvement Scotland and an infection surveillance programme for CAUTI was developed by the Scottish Surveillance of Healthcare Associated Infection Programme (SSHAIP) team at SCIEH (now Health Protection Scotland).

The aims of the CAUTI surveillance programme:

  • To collect surveillance data on urinary catheter use and CAUTI in Scottish hospitals.
  • Analyse and report the CAUTI surveillance data and describe trends in infection rates, causative organisms and the use of catheters.
  • Provide feedback of CAUTI rates to assist hospitals reduce CAUTIs.
  • To evaluate any impact of the introduction of the Best Practice Statement (BPS) for catheterisation on the process of patient care, in terms of catheter utilisation and infection rates.

CAUTI Surveillance Pilot Study

Following the development of the CAUTI Surveillance Protocol and prior to commencing surveillance in all volunteer sites, a pilot study was carried out over a one-month period from 05/04/2004 to 03/05/2004 in five Trusts.

The aims of pilot study were to:

  • Assess the overall feasibility of the surveillance programme.
  • To assist with further development and refinement of the protocol before “rolling out” to other volunteer Trusts.
  • To determine the necessary time and resources for those participating in surveillance.
  • To assess and refine the data collection tool.
  • Health Protection Scotland
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