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Research and HPS

The HPS Mission Statement is "To work, in partnership with others, to protect the Scottish public from being exposed to hazards which damage their health and to limit any impact on health when such exposures cannot be avoided". The HPS vision is to achieve this mission through a number of functions, one of which is defined as "improving the knowledge base for health protection through research and development". Research conducted within HPS is, therefore, aimed at improving the knowledge base in relation to a broad range of health protection issues.

To make sure HPS commission appropriate research, HPS will consult with key stakeholders such as NHS boards and local authorities on their priorities. HPS then work with academic and other partners to develop and implement research projects to meet these needs. HPS will make the results of our research freely available to help to promote good practice and effective service delivery in Scotland. HPS is taking on the responsibility for commissioning the NHS specialist microbiology and laboratory services to monitor the pattern and development of infectious diseases and how health protection intervention affects these patterns.

HPS Research and Development Strategy

HPS has published a strategy to enable it to meet its research and development objectives for 2012-2016

Research Governance

Research Governance is concerned with the setting of standards to ensure and improve research quality and to safeguard the public where research may affect them. It involves the enhancement of ethical and scientific quality of research, the promotion of good practice, the reduction of the occurrence of adverse incidents, the prevention of poor performance and misconduct. More information on Research Governance within the NHS in Scotland can be found on the website of the Chief Scientist Office.

The Research Governance Framework for Health and Community Care

The Research Governance Framework for Health and Community Care represents the first stage in the continuing process for promoting improvements in health and community care research. It sets out a framework for good practice, which governs the wide range of research relating to the responsibilities of the Minister for Health and Community Care. It is, therefore, of direct relevance to all those who host, conduct, participate in, fund or manage research in the health and community care setting, including that concerned with the protection and promotion of public health. It sets standards, details the responsibilities of key people involved in research and outlines the process for achieving governance. The framework relates to all research involving patients, their tissues, their organs or their data.

Issues addressed by the Framework include:

  • Ethics
  • Science
  • Information
  • Health & Safety
  • Finance
  • Quality Research Culture

All NHS organisations that undertake research, including HPS, are required to comply with all aspects of this framework.

HPS Research Register

In order to comply with a number of key issues within the Research Governance Framework, HPS have created a Research Register which holds information on all ongoing (as well as some completed) research within the organisation. The Research Register is a fully searchable database which provides direct access to information on all HPS research activities and, where available, associated publications.