Respiratory Infections


Respiratory Infections

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Guidelines on the roles and responsibilities of agencies involved in the Investigation and Management of Zoonotic Disease in Scotland. 01 May 2014

The updated guidelines have been revised and replace the previous version first published in 2001. It does not attempt to provide an exhaustive list of zoonotic agents but rather to provide generic guidance for managing occurrences of suspected zoonotic disease. The guidelines seeks to clarify the roles and responsibilities of different organisations with respect to zoonotic incidents and outlines how they should best work together in different situations: for example through routine information reporting, formal liaison and outbreak investigations to ensure a common approach within Scotland, and with colleagues throughout Great Britain.

These guidelines are intended for all those likely to be involved in the management of zoonotic incidents in Scotland, including NHS boards, local authorities, Scottish Rural University College - Veterinary Services, Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency, the Health and Safety Executive, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and private veterinary surgeons. Separate, similar arrangements exist for England & Wales and Northern Ireland. Where cross-border incidents occur these should be managed in collaboration by the appropriate agencies.

  • Health Protection Scotland
Last Updated : 23/08/2017