Respiratory Infections

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Respiratory Infections

Surveillance Systems

Enhanced Surveillance of Mycobacterial Infections in Scotland (ESMI)

This provides the clinical surveillance system for tuberculosis in Scotland. Previous data suggests that TB figures in Scotland have been stable for the last ten years. Collection of data is clarifying the true picture. Enhanced surveillance data also collated in present format to allow contribution to WHO and Euro TB data collection systems.

This surveillance system holds patient identifiable information.

By patient identifiable information we mean details such as name, address or case record number. HPS seeks to limit to a minimum these details and many systems are anonymised, e.g. do not hold individual names and addresses.

Should you wish details of the patient identifiable information held in this system, please contact enquiries.

Further information on data confidentiality can be found on our Information Governance page or can be obtained by contacting the HPS Information Security and Data Protection Officer (Telephone 0141 300 1100).