Surveillance Data and Systems

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ECOSS (The Electronic Communication of Surveillance in Scotland)

Participating laboratories routinely report all identifications of organisms, infection or microbiological intoxication, unless they are known to be of no clinical or public health importance.  The collected data is used for; the identification of single cases of severe disease, outbreaks, and longer term trends in the incidence of laboratory reported infections; enhanced surveillance; health protection; analytical and statistical use. 

This surveillance system holds patient identifiable information.

By patient identifiable information we mean details such as name, address or case record number. HPS seeks to limit to a minimum these details and many systems are anonymised, e.g. do not hold individual names and addresses.

Should you wish details of the patient identifiable information held in this system, please contact enquiries.

Further information on data confidentiality can be found on our Information Governance page or can be obtained by contacting the HPS Information Security and Data Protection Officer (Telephone 0141 300 1100).