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Yellow Fever Vaccination Centres

International Health Regulations and Administration of Yellow Fever Vaccine

The administration of yellow fever vaccine is regulated under the World Health Organization (WHO) International Health Regulations (IHR), the most recent version of which was approved by the World Health Assembly in May 2005 and came into effect in June 2007.

The IHR are in force to help prevent the international spread of disease, and when originally established in 1969, were primarily intended to monitor diseases like smallpox, cholera, plague and yellow fever. However the revised IHR have a broader scope and encompass new and re-emerging disease threats like SARS and pandemic influenza, as well as non-infectious diseases which have potential international health concerns.

Yellow fever is currently the only disease for which vaccination maybe required under IHR and is the reason why an International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis may be requested from individuals entering certain countries.

HPS's Role in Designating Yellow Fever Vaccination Centres

Under IHR yellow fever vaccine can only be administered at centres that are designated by the national health administration. In December 2006 responsibility for designating centres in Scotland passed from the Scottish Government Health Directorate to HPS under the National Health Service Amendment Order.

The requirement for designating centres is to ensure the quality and safety of the procedures and materials employed. HPS has produced an information pack which sets out the conditions of registration for Yellow Fever Vaccination Centres (YFVCs) in Scotland and provides practical information for those planning to become or that already are YFVCs. The information pack also contains an application pack for those wishing to register. Prospective YFVCs are strongly advised to read the information pack before sending in an application requesting designation. HPS also has the power to de-designate those YFVCs who fail to maintain the required standards and has a process for de-designation of YFVC.

Further Information and Contact Details at HPS

For queries on any aspect of the designation process or administration of yellow fever vaccine in Scotland please contact:

Tel: 0141 300 1137

Travel Health (Yellow Fever)
Health Protection Scotland
NHS National Services Scotland
Meridian Court
5 Cadogan Street
G2 6QE

Further Information for the Rest of the UK

Last reviewed: March 2017

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