Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is a new strain of coronavirus first identified in Wuhan, China. Clinical presentation may range from mild-to-moderate illness to pneumonia or severe acute respiratory infection. COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation on 12 March 2020. We now have spread of COVID-19 within communities in the UK.

Extensive measures have been implemented across many countries to slow the spread of COVID-19. In the UK the current recommendations are for everyone to stay at home as much as possible and severely restrict their interactions with others outside the household.

Information for the public and health professionals advising patients

Further information for the public on COVID-19 can be found on NHS Inform. NHS Inform includes a link to enable people to obtain a self-isolation note for employment and statutory sick pay purposes.

Guidance for use in Scotland

HPS continues to update its guidance for health protection teams and healthcare practitioners as the situation evolves, as well as providing guidance for non-healthcare settings including schools, places of detention, and separate guidance for social care settings.

Always check this website to ensure that any guidance you are using is the latest version. 

Infection prevention and control in healthcare settings

​​​The four UK countries are adopting the COVID-19 guidance for infection prevention and control in healthcare settings. This official guidance was produced jointly by the Department of Health and Social Care, Public Health Wales, Public Health Agency (Northern Ireland), Health Protection Scotland and Public Health England.

This guidance is consistent with the current infection prevention and control advice and guidance that has been issued to and used by NHS Scotland to manage the ongoing response to COVID-19.

View the guidance on the PHE website​

Revised PPE guidance

The posters below maybe used promote the above guidance:

Workforce education resources

These infection prevention and control learning resources developed by HPS in partnership with NHS Education for Scotland are for people supporting the NHS services during the UK COVID-19 response in Scotland who may be required to provide clinical care for a variety of patients including some who are either confirmed or possible COVID-19 cases.

Two resources have been developed.

Full version
Shortened version

Before reading this resource you must ensure that you are already fully aware and be able to put into practice the current Standard infection control precautions (SICPS) and Transmission based precautions (TBPs) detailed in the National Infection Prevention and Control Manual.​

Also available

  • COVID-19 Compendium (last updated 3 April 2020)
    The COVID-19 Compendium contains links to current national and international policy, guidance and resources on COVID-19 from key organisations and will be updated daily during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Rapid Review of the literature: Assessing the infection prevention and control measures for the prevention and management of COVID-19 in healthcare settings (last updated 3 April 2020)
    This rapid review provides an assessment of the scientific evidence base to determine if the infection prevention and control measures applied in Scotland are suitable for the prevention and management of COVID-19 in healthcare settings. As this is a rapid review, the methodology differs from that of the NIPCM. The evidence will be updated real-time.
  • Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGPs) (last updated 11 March 2020)
    This National Infection Prevention and Control Manual (NIPCM) literature review informs the recommendations for transmission based precautions required for aerosol generating procedures. The methodology for NIPCM reviews is found within the ‘Development Process’ section of the NIPCM.

Healthcare settings

Other settings

First responders

Educational resources

Turas Learn website has a range of NHS Education for Scotland (NES) educational and induction resources for all health and social care staff and volunteers deployed to support clinical services. Requirements are under constant review and additional resources will be added as required.

A range of other workforce education resources have been developed and we will add a page grouping these together soon.


  • For the general public, guidance can be found on fitfortravel.
  • For health professionals, guidance can be found on ​TRAVAX.

Where a COVID-19 risk is identified then country pages will contain updated guidance.