Workforce educational resources


We have produced a number of educational resources to support the COVID-19 response in partnership with a range of stakeholders.

These resources are aligned as appropriate with national guidance detailed on this website.

Infection prevention and control (IPC) educational resources

Due recently published updated IPC guidance these resources are currently under review.

Hand Hygiene educational resources

The following hand hygiene short films are available on Vimeo and are existing NES resources. They demonstrate the:

  1. correct use of alcohol-based hand rub (ABHR)
  2. correct hand hygiene technique using soap and water

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) video

This short film shows the correct order for putting on, the safe order for removal, and the disposal of PPE for healthcare workers in a primary care setting (droplet). This technique could also be applied in other settings.

It aligns with guidance for PPE requirements in primary and secondary care settings. However, the PPE donning and doffing shown is not exclusive to these settings as PPE requirements for practitioners will vary depending on the clinical activities being undertaken.

Current guidance relating to PPE is liable to change and practitioners are reminded to refer to current guidance which can be accessed on this website.

Sampling and Testing for COVID-19

This short film describes the techniques involved in obtaining an upper respiratory tract COVID-19 diagnostic sample.

This short film provides the information and keys steps to follow to obtain a swab test from people in care homes. Its focus is on how you safely and correctly perform a swab test in the throat and nose, and includes packaging of the specimen on completion of the test.

​Packaging of diagnostic samples for onward transportation video

This short film outlines the correct way to package samples from suspected COVID-19 patients.

Further educational resources from NHS Education Scotland (NES)

The Turas Learn website has a range of NES educational and induction resources for all health and social care staff and volunteers deployed to support clinical services. Requirements are under constant review and additional resources will be added as required.