Enhanced surveillance of coronavirus (COVID-19)


Health Protection Scotland (HPS), part of Public Health Scotland (PHS), is leading the Enhanced Surveillance of COVID-19 in Scotland (ESoCiS) programme on behalf of Scottish Government.  

We are gathering a wide variety of data about COVID-19 from a range of sources, to learn more about the virus and gain an understanding of how it is spreading through the population in Scotland.  

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, this surveillance will assist Scottish Government with the national response to the pandemic.  

We have tried and tested surveillance systems in place to monitor and manage the spread of community transmission of seasonal influenza each year.  

By using these established systems, as well as new sources, we are gathering and analysing enhanced data to monitor the overall health impact and outcomes of COVID-19.  

We are working with colleagues within health and social care and beyond to develop this enhanced surveillance programme.  


The ESoCiS programme will: 

  • help the work of the NHS and partners by informing national health and social care planning
  • help scientists and politicians to understand when the outbreak might have peaked, enabling them to make decisions on public health measures
  • allow us to gain an understanding of the areas and groups most affected by COVID-19
  • help us prevent wider transmission of the virus