Waste incineration is a topic of significant public interest, particularly where incinerators currently operate or where there are proposals to build new facilities. Local issues regarding the safety of incinerators generally centre around concern that exposure to incineration airborne emissions may present risks to human health.

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In 2009, in association with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), we jointly published a report on incineration of waste and reported human health effects. We considered reported evidence on outcomes associated with the incineration of all forms of waste including:

  • hazardous
  • clinical
  • industrial
  • municipal¬†

Read our Incineration of Waste and Reported Human Health Effects report.

A Briefing Note, based on the report, is also available. This Briefing Note is intended to assist health protection staff and others in answering questions relating to incineration.

Read our Briefing Note Incineration of Waste and Reported Human Health Effects.