Launch of Hydration Campaign - Hydration for the Nation

Publication Date: 03 April 2018

The Scottish Urinary Tract Infection Network’s (SUTIN) national hydration campaign is launched today (Tuesday 3 April) with posters appearing in local community pharmacies across Scotland over the next two months.

The aim of the hydration campaign is to raise awareness of the wide and varied benefits of being well hydrated. The campaign’s target audiences are the general public across Scotland, particularly vulnerable groups such as the elderly, as well as staff across the health and social care and home care sector.

The campaign aims to ensure everyone is aware of the signs of poor hydration and the potential consequences. The problems associated with dehydration are still poorly recognised by not only the public but also those working in community and health care settings.

Dehydration can be both the cause and the consequence of illness and can have significant impacts on an individual’s health.

The key campaign messages are:

  • Good hydration is important for all age groups and is something for everyone to consider.
  • The affects of dehydration may result in unnecessary treatment e.g. of urinary tract infections (UTIs) and unnecessary admission to healthcare e.g. following falls resulting in fractures.
  • Secondary E coli bloodstream infections caused by UTI are potentially life threatening, particularly in older people.

Information resources have been developed to support the hydration campaign and will be distributed to the public and within health and social care.

Lesley Shepherd, Nurse Consultant for Infection Control at Health Protection Scotland said:

“Thank you to everyone for supporting this important campaign. We worked very closely in collaboration with members of the SUTIN network to ensure the key messages are on point. Hydration is vital for everyone and this campaign is about everyone’s individual wellbeing so please look out for the posters or find out more from our website.”


Katie Christie, Senior Communications Officer
Health Protection Scotland - Communications Team
Meridian Court
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Tel: 07779 441428


Notes to Editors:

  • The Scottish Urinary Tract Infection Network (SUTIN) has members from national organisations, continence and infection prevention specialists, educators, social care providers, researchers, and members of the public. SUTIN has the role of co-ordinating the sharing of resources and developing a community from within NHS and social care settings intent on seeing UTI reduction across Scotland. In addition to ensuring all resources related to UTI reduction are easily accessible, the Scottish UTI Network aims to facilitate shared learning
  • Urinary tract infection (UTI) is the most common type of infection seen in acute and care settings in Scotland.
  • The Campaign starts in community pharmacies at the beginning of April and continues until the end of May 2018.
  • Further Information on the Scottish National Urinary Tract Network’s hydration campaign, including access to marketing materials, is available here: