Health Protection Scotland marks WHO Hand Hygiene Day 2018 with Chief Nursing Officer

Publication Date: 04 May 2018

Every year, Health Protection Scotland (HPS) champions the World Health Organisation’s Hand Hygiene Day which takes place on Saturday 5 May. This year, the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) ‘SAVES LIVES: Clean your hands’ campaign is entitled ‘It’s in your hands – prevent sepsis in health care’ focuses on healthcare associated sepsis

Scottish Government’s Chief Nursing Officer, Professor Fiona McQueen, will be on hand to participate in HPS’ activities at their headquarters in Glasgow. Staff will be given the chance to see just how good they are at hand hygiene using an ultraviolet glow box to show up any spots missed after washing their hands.

HPS has also published their Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) annual report today (Friday 4 May) to coincide and further support the campaign. The HAI annual report provides the latest figures on healthcare associated infections. These infections continue to represent a threat to patient safety across Scotland and to safe care as a whole, wherever that is delivered. The threat of sepsis from HAI remains a key focus for current and future health protection strategies.

Professor McQueen said: “Hand hygiene is the first line of defence against the spread of infections in healthcare settings. Prevention is key: the early identification of sepsis when it does arise helps to avert the threat of this potentially fatal infection.”

Professor Jacqui Reilly, Lead Consultant at HPS said "We are publishing our HAI annual report on WHO Hand Hygiene Day in support of the campaign and to demonstrate Health Protection Scotland’s commitment to the prevention and control of infections in all healthcare settings.

“The HAI annual report includes highlighting the Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) which are bloodstream infections, many of which may lead to sepsis. These infections are predominantly arising from Gram negative bacteria which is where the current threat of antimicrobial resistance is focused in Scotland. The results this year indicate that we have seen no change in the rate of these infections against a background of rising incidence rates, so we must remain vigilant in preventing these infections. Prevent sepsis in healthcare - it’s in your hands."



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Notes to Editors:

  • Health Protection Scotland (HPS) is part of NHS National Services Scotland (NSS), a special health board providing services critical to frontline patient care and which is supportive of the efficient and effective operation of the NHS in Scotland.