Scotland’s bathing waters continue to meet strict environmental standards

29 May 2018

Article: 52/2106

Ahead of the new season, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) has revealed that 75 of the country’s 86 designated bathing waters (87%) meet strict environmental standards for water quality.

The report highlighted:

  • 87% of Scotland’s designated bathing waters meet strict environmental water quality standards
  • water quality data available by 10.00 am every day during the season for 31 bathing water locations on the bathing water website, SEPA’s website, via Beachline and live electronic beach signage
  • partnership projects underway to improve bathing waters including 11 rated as ‘poor’
  • Nairn bathing waters achieve the sufficient EU classification for the first time after two years of poor rating

Source: SEPA, 25 May 2018