Scottish recycling, composting and re-use exceeds 60%

05 June 2018

Article: 52/2208

Scottish recycling, composting and re-use of waste from all sources has exceeded 60% for the first time according to official statistics published on 29 May 2018 by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA).

In 2016, 6.96 million tonnes (61%) of waste was recycled, composted or prepared for re-use, over 500,000 tonnes more than in 2015. 2016 also saw more households and businesses recycle food waste as 605,614 tonnes of organic wastes was recycled in composting or anaerobic digestion facilities, an increase of 102,580 tonnes (20.4%) from 2015 statistics and a 78.1% boost since 2011.

Total waste generated in Scotland fell 530,000 tonnes since 2015, with Scotland achieving the lowest quantity of waste reaching landfill since 2011, a 10.3% decrease from 2015.

Further information on recycling policy and targets can found in the Scottish Government’s report ‘Making things last – a circular economy’.

Source: SEPA, 29 May 2018