SEPA prosecutions – landfill operator and waste management company

05 June 2018

Article: 52/2209

The operator of a Strathblane landfill site was fined £37,000 at Stirling Sheriff Court on 8 May 2018, after landfilling inappropriate waste at their site for over two and a half years. A Cumbernauld-based waste management company was also fined £12,000 for failing in its duty of care.

Muirhouse Landfill Limited pled guilty to two charges of failing to comply with six different conditions of their permit, one of which was that the site could only be used for landfilling inert waste.

Dow Waste Management Limited (which recently changed its name to Dow Group Limited) pled guilty to failing to properly describe their waste when completing waste transfer notes, and failing to have a system in place to identify problems.

The latest figures mean a new total of six SEPA led waste crime prosecutions in the last 12 months resulting in £120,000 fines, £47,211 in confiscation orders and five community payback orders totalling 1,150 hours.

Source: SEPA, 30 May 2018