European Commission updates communicable disease surveillance list: Lyme disease added

07 August 2018

Article: 52/3103

In June 2018, the European Commission updated the communicable diseases list and related special health issues to be covered by epidemiological surveillance as well as the relevant case definitions.

For the first time, Lyme neuroborreliosis was included on the list of diseases under EU epidemiological surveillance, with a uniform EU case definition being formally released.

The new case definition is based on scientific advice by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and wide consultation with experts in EU member states.

ECDC will start monitoring disease distribution in the EU and collecting EU data through the epidemiological surveillance network comprising the European Commission, ECDC and national authorities for epidemiological surveillance. The first call for data on Lyme neuroborreliosis in the European Surveillance System (TESSy) will be launched in 2019.

Source: ECDC, 2 August 2018