New taskforce to support a carbon-neutral Scotland

18 September 2018

Article: 52/3707

The Scottish Government has launched a taskforce to help the country achieve a carbon-neutral economy. The Just Transition Commission will examine how to maximise opportunities of decarbonisation, in terms of fair work and tackling inequalities, while delivering a sustainable and inclusive labour market.

‘Just transition’ refers to the shift to a low carbon economy. The international principles of 'just transition’, developed and promoted by the trade union movement, are summarised as: 

  • plan for, and invest in, a transition to environmentally and socially sustainable jobs, sectors and economies 
  • leave no-one behind 
  • actively consider employment issues when developing climate policies 
  • design and deliver low carbon infrastructure with the aim of creating decent, high-value work

The specific form that the commission will take, and its wider membership, are currently being considered and will be announced later this year.

Source: Scottish Government, 13 September 2018.