Consultation: reducing the health harms of foods high in fat, sugar or salt

09 October 2018

Article: 52/4009

The Scottish Government is consulting with the public and food and retail industries on restricting the in-store marketing and promotion of foods high in fat, sugar or salt that contain little or no nutritional benefit. The consultation is part of the ‘A healthier future – Scotland’s diet and healthy weight delivery plan’ and will inform assessments of impact and possible legislation.

The restrictions would cover confectionery, sweet biscuits, crisps, savoury snacks, cakes, pastries, puddings and soft drinks with added sugar.  Views are being sought on whether to also cover ice-cream and dairy desserts.

The proposed restrictions would apply to targeted foods and would include, among other things, multi-buys, display at checkouts, purchase rewards such as vouchers and loyalty card points, unlimited refills and upselling of increased sizes or extra products and other marketing activities where they are being sold.

The consultation is open until 9 January 2019 and is available on the Scottish Government website

Source: Scottish Government, 2 October 2018