Measles cases spike globally

04 December 2018

Article: 52/4805

World Health Organization (WHO) and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have jointly published a new report, ‘Progress toward regional measles elimination - worldwide, 2000–2017’. According to this publication, reported measles cases spiked in 2017, as multiple countries experienced severe and protracted outbreaks of the disease. Because of gaps in vaccination coverage, measles outbreaks occurred in all regions, while there were an estimated 110,000 deaths related to the diseases.

Using updated disease modelling data, the report provides the most comprehensive estimates of measles trends over the last 17 years. It shows that since 2000, over 21 million lives have been saved through measles immunisations. However, reported cases increased by more than 30 percent worldwide from 2016.

The Americas, the Eastern Mediterranean Region, and Europe experienced the greatest upsurges in cases in 2017, with the Western Pacific the only World Health Organization (WHO) region where measles incidence fell.

Source: WHO, 29 November 2018