International Women’s Day: women in health innovating for change

12 March 2019

Article: 53/1006

In the World Health Organisation (WHO) European region, women make up the majority of the health workforce, surpassing the 50–50 gender breakdown for physicians and other segments of the health workforce. Health systems in the region rely on the contribution of millions of female health workers, and informal or unpaid health care is generally carried out by women in the region, with women performing three times more unpaid healthcare than men.

In some areas, female employees face barriers to achieving leadership positions, accessing income equality and overcoming gender stereotypes about the kind of health-care roles they are expected to fill.

The theme for International Women’s Day 2019, ‘Think equal, build smart, innovate for change’, hopes to underscore the importance of females in building inclusive systems, efficient services and sustainable infrastructure in health care.

Source: WHO Europe, 7 March 2019