New guidance for foresters on protecting water quality

02 April 2019

Article: 53/1309

A new Forestry Commission practice guide has been published which focuses on protecting the water environment during forest operations.

Providing advice to forest managers, planners, practitioners and supervisors on how forest operations should be planned and managed to protect the water environment, the guide helps to ensure that they comply with the UK Forestry Standard guidelines on forests and water, which is the primary source of information on the legal and good practice requirements.

The new guide is applicable both to large and small-scale forest operations and helps to ensure that land managers will be able to take the necessary steps to protect the water environment.

The guide emphasises the importance of planning, the use of buffer zones, and sets out good practice for eight key forest operations: cultivation, these being:

  • cultivation 
  • drainage 
  • fertiliser application 
  • use of pesticide 
  • roads and quarries 
  • harvesting 
  • vehicle and machine maintenance 
  • contingencies

The guide also describes monitoring activities.