WHO scales up response to measles in the European region

14 May 2019

Article: 53/1903

A disease outbreak news update from the World Health Organization (WHO) provides a breakdown of measles cases in the European region, with ten countries reported to be endemic for measles (Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia and Ukraine).  Countries reporting measles cases continuously over 12 months or more are required to provide a detailed epidemiological and molecular epidemiology analysis and to document absence of continuous transmission or re-established endemic transmission.

As the most susceptible individuals are those who are unvaccinated or under-vaccinated, a scaled up response is involved in capacity building and providing guidance to ensure that vaccination programmes are successful in order to ensure 95% of individuals are vaccinated, a requirement of the European Vaccine Action Plan 2015-2020 (EVAP). Measles-containing vaccines should also be recommended for susceptible persons intending to travel to countries where measles is endemic and where outbreaks are on-going.

Source: WHO, 6 May 2019