Cervical Cancer Prevention Week

22 January 2019

Article: 53/0302

Cervical Cancer Prevention Week runs from 21 - 27 January 2019.
The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine helps protect against the main cause of cervical cancer.Evidence shows the high uptake of the HPV vaccine has helped to reduce levels of cancer causing HPV in young women in Scotland by 90%.

The combination of HPV immunisation and cervical screening from the age of 25 offers the bestpossible protection against cervical cancer. The award winning cervical screening social media campaign, The Flower, will be running during January in cinemas and on social media.

NHS Health Scotland has also produced a toolkit for primary care to address falling attendance rates and women’s poor understanding of the benefits of cervical screening. The information will help GPs, practice nurses and other practice staff to better understand what stops women attending (especially with vulnerable groups). It will also help staff to use tried and tested methods to increase attendance.

The toolkit can be viewed on the Health Scotland website.

The Flower social media campaign can be found online.

More information on the HPV vaccine can be viewed on the NHS Inform website.