Environmental incidents – SEISS (chemical incident)

22 January 2019

Article: 53/0309

The Scottish Environmental Incident Surveillance System (SEISS) recorded the following incident in the past week:

  • Hundreds of pupils were sent home for the day from a school in Aberdeenshire after a suspicious chemical smell was reported on Friday 18 January. Firefighters were called to Aboyne Academy at about 10:40am. The Fire Service said it responded to reports that there was an odour similar to sulphur coming from a cleaning cupboard. The school was evacuated and pupils were allowed to leave early. No one was injured. The source of the smell is still being investigated. Source: BBC News, 18 January 2019

More detailed information can be found on SEISS or contact either Ian Henton or Colin Ramsay at HPS on 0141 300 1100.