World Sepsis Day, 13 September 2019

10 September 2019

Article: 53/3605

World Sepsis Day is an initiative organised by the Global Sepsis Alliance (GSA) and takes place annually on 13 September.

Sepsis arises when the body’s response to an infection injures its own tissues and organs. This potentially life-threatening condition follows a unique and time-critical clinical course, which in the early stages is highly amenable to treatment through early diagnosis and timely and appropriate clinical management. 

Currently, sepsis causes at least eight million deaths worldwide every year, many of which are preventable.

Depending on country and education, only 7–50 % of people are aware of sepsis. Likewise, many people are unaware that sepsis can be prevented by vaccination and adhering to hygiene rules, and that early recognition and treatment reduces mortality by 50%. This lack of awareness makes sepsis the most preventable cause of death worldwide.