National Low Emissions Framework published

29 January 2019

Article: 53/0408

The Scottish Government have recently published the National Low Emissions Framework (NLEF).

The Framework provides a methodology for local authorities to undertake air quality assessment to inform decisions on transport related actions to improve local air quality, where transport is identified as the key contributor to air quality problems.

The NLEF supports and builds on the work already being done through the Local Air Quality Management (LAQM) system.

The NLEF will contribute to the vision set out in ‘Cleaner Air for Scotland : the Road to a Healthier Future’ (CAFS), which aims for Scotland to have the best air quality in Europe, by assisting in the consideration of actions that will reduce the impacts of pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and particulate matter (PM).

The CAFS strategy can be viewed on the Scottish Government website.

The NLEF can be found on the Air Quality Scotland website.