Scottish business urged to comment on SEPA’s nine sector plans

29 January 2019

Article: 53/0409

The nine Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) sector plans, announced on 21 December 2018, will remain open for consultation until 15 February 2019 across agriculture, manufacturing and infrastructure businesses. In response to mounting scientific evidence about climate change, environmental impact and resource scarcity, the sector plans set out a range of actions to help all regulated businesses meet, and go beyond,  their compliance obligations.

The sector plans set out how SEPA will ensure all businesses comply with environmental laws.  They also set out a series of ‘beyond compliance’ goals to help organisations recognise the economic opportunity of sustainable business models by reducing the amount of materials, energy and water used across the sectors, promote innovation and reduce overall impact.

Getting feedback from communities, partners and stakeholders is important and feedback is critical to the success of the sector planning approach. Everyone with an interest in the environment and involved in these sectors, is encouraged to visit the SEPA dedicated sector website.

Source: SEPA, 23 January, 2019