Consultation opens on Scotland’s circular economy

12 November 2019

Article: 53/4508

The Scottish Government has opened a consultation to gather views on its proposals for legislation to develop a circular economy in Scotland.

A circular economy is one in which resources are kept in use for as long as possible, which  can benefit the environment, by cutting waste and carbon emissions; the economy, by improving productivity and opening up new markets; and communities, by providing local employment opportunities. 

The proposals in the consultation form part of wider plans for a change in approach towards reducing, reusing and recycling materials, as part of Scotland’s commitment to net zero carbon emissions.

There are two parts to the consultation, these being proposals for a circular economy bill, including measures to charge for items such as single-use disposable beverage cups and proposals for two secondary regulations, relating to public bodies’ procurement strategies and to increasing the minimum single-use carrier bag charge from 5p to 10p.

The consultation paper is available from the Scottish Government website, and participants can fill in the online form to give their views. The consultation closes on 19 December 2019.

Source: Scottish Government, 7 November 2019