Drop in cholera cases worldwide

24 December 2019

Article: 53/5103

According to a report published by the World Health Organization (WHO) on 19 December 2019, the number of cholera cases decreased globally by 60% in 2018. The report points to an encouraging trend in cholera prevention and control in the world’s major hotspots, including Haiti, Somalia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

There were 499,447 cases of cholera and 2,990 deaths in 2018, according to reports from 34 countries. While outbreaks are still ongoing in various countries, the case load represents a significant downward trend in cholera transmission that has continued into 2019. 

According to Dr Dominique Legros, head of WHO’s cholera programme, the global decrease in case numbers appears to be linked to large-scale vaccination campaigns and countries beginning to adopt the Global Roadmap to 2030 strategy in their national cholera action plans.

Source: WHO, 19 December 2019